The barrier islands are found all up and down the coast of Georgia. They could be considered beautiful and wonderful. These barrier islands are named,Tybee Island, St. Catherine’s Island, Ossabaw Island, Sapelo Island, Sea Island, St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Blackbeard Island, and Cumberland Island .
  • Blackbeard Island is a true barrier island accessible only by boat.
  • During the winter months, bald eagles and peregrine falcons are easily spotted from the beach.
  • A network of roads and trails intertwine throughout the interior of the island for hikers and naturalists.
  • Blackbeard Island was established as a National Wildlife Refuge to provide a winter habitat and protection for migratory birds.
  • The island also provides protection for several endangered species such as loggerheads, bald eagles, wood storks, and piping plovers.
  • There are an abundance of deer, alligator, and various waterfowl on the island.
  • There are approximately 1,200 acres of freshwater marshes.
  • It is believed that Blackbeard the pirates treasure can be found on this island